Segun Masha, President & Founder

Faith Leadership Institute (for Government and Public Service) is an
international research, training and development center for biblical principles of government and public service.

We promises to utilize biblical principles of government and public service to raise leaders who will take back the kingdoms of this
world for God (Rev 11:15).

To accomplish our mission, we identify, recruit, train, and position participants to serve in government, politics, business, and other

fields to function effectively, in excellence and integrity. Baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire, participants are ordained and anointed as God’s ambassadors for extra-ordinary achievements in the social, economic, and political arenas.

Graduates are equipped with practical skills and professional training to operate in excellence and integrity in government and other areas of public service. They will have the rare opportunity to use the wisdom of God to address such important issues as terrorism, poverty, trade, commerce, information technology, global security, failed policies, social injustice, economic meltdowns, flawed political systems, and other matters of public interest.



  • Adequately conduct research/development programs to formulate policies as elected officials; policies to transform lives and advance godly reforms in the world.
  • Appropriately influence public policies, policy formulation and implementation for the purpose of raising the standard of living and advancing the aspirations of the people.

  • Wisely utilize social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube… to communicate unique innovative visions, raise funds, run successful campaigns and facilitate reforms.

  • Actively establish grassroots programs and campus leadership groups to produce new generations of public policy leaders ready to defend and advance Godly values.

  • Effectively manage their nation’s human and material resources to propagate wise public policies, and generate products/services for entrepreneurial development and industrial innovation.
  • Aptly utilize biblical principles to break generational curses of poverty, unlock potentials, form grassroots charities, and produce upright leaders with godly public policies.
  • Proactively engage students, scholars, entrepreneurs, and
    professionals to facilitate youth leadership programs, election
    workshops, national conferences and referendums.

  • Professionally utilize print media – books, journals, newspapers,articles, annual reports… to publish innovative ideas for politics, government, commerce, and civic matters.

  • Positively utilize electronic media – video, audio, multimedia, slides,CD-ROM, websites, streaming, blogs… to propagate biblical principlesof government to the general public.